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Patients a year


Vocational education and training for Iraqis


Providing Electricity to Iraqis

The Iraq Transformation

The transformation of Iraq has the potential to be one of the greatest achievements in the modern Arab world. Approximately 40 million Iraqis living in vibrant cities, powered by reliable and efficient energy; a robust industrial sector and sustainable economic development, driven by world-class, home-grown talent.

Increasing output and efficiency of power plants in Iraq.

Iraq roadmap aims on rebuilding the New Iraq together.

Improve power plants’ efficiency and reliability across Iraq

50% of electricity in Iraq distributed via Siemens technology

50% of electricity in Iraq distributed via Siemens technology

Significant fuel savings

The 4 Pillars of Siemens

Power and Grid

Powering a strong and stable future for Iraq.

Repowering and re-connecting recently liberated areas to the national grid.


Efficient oil and gas for sustainable economic growth.

Increase Iraq’s revenues by marshaling the power of fuel economics.


Empowering a new generation of talent with the skills of the future.

Transferring knowledge, expertise and technology to empower a new generation of Iraqi youth.


Making healthcare available to off-grid areas and providing instant relief.

Independently powered clinics for remote communities.


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